One Day, Maybe by dreamthinkspeak

Image from production for Hull 2017
Image from original production in South Korea

Deep within a hidden office complex, a mysterious new Korean technology company is taking root... but where are the employees from and why are they here?

One Day, Maybe  conjures a kaleidoscopic dreamscape where live performance, installation and pioneering technology combine to create a vividly dystopian vision of a world spinning thrillingly out of control.

A site-responsive performance conceived and directed by Tristan Sharps, inspired by the uprising in Guangju, South Korea, One Day, Maybe imagined those who died in the May 1980 Uprising as spirits who returned to witness the results of their sacrifices. What if they could step into the shoes of young people today and see the same world that we see? What would they make of the world we live in? Would they see a world of liberty and democracy? 

Staged in a five story office-block in Hull from 1st September to 1st October 2017, the production presented hundreds of performances to a sold-out audience of 9.000+ people.